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A Cinema for all Seasons

For true cinephiles, one of the preferred places to watch a movie is Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema. Part arthouse cinema and part film fanatic’s time machine, the 300-seat NBT has received multiple accolades, including “Best Indie Movie Theater” by L.A. Weekly, “Cinema of the Year” by the Kodak Film Awards, and “A Beloved Venue for Classic Films” by Cinema Treasures. Previous site incarnations include a celebrity nightclub and an adult theater, before becoming Sherman Torgan’s cinematic oasis screening foreign, arthouse, indie, and classic film.

When Torgan passed, the reins were taken up by his son Michael, who has remained on-board since Tarantino became owner and head programmer. Tarantino is the main programmer and has initiated special screenings of his own Oscar-winning, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a weekend “Kiddee Matinee” series, Grindhouse Tuesdays, and Friday midnight screenings of his own films. The quirky lineup also includes themed double features such as La Cage Aux Folles with Victor/Victoria, and Darling Lili with Fraulein Doktor, along with vintage WB toons, big-screen classics such as West Side Story, and cult favorites Fantastic Planet, Harold and Maude, Where’s Poppa, Moonrise Kingdom, and All That Jazz.

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