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Don’t Miss the Museum of Selfies

A throne constructed entirely of selfie sticks, witty and entertaining interactive installations, an abundance of selfie-friendly installations, and more are waiting for you at the Museum of Selfies. The Museum is an epic adventure (and lots of fun) from start to finish, and you’ll have a ball browsing and scoping out all the fascinating works from artists throughout history who drew, sculpted, painted, and/or cast images of themselves.

From the classic works of the old masters to the genius self-portraits of modern art virtuosos and the cool images of pop culture, the Museum of Selfies offers a window into the evolution of the self-portrait to the popular selfie craze it has become. The Museum is in town for a limited engagement only, so be sure to stop by before it checks out on May 31, and take some awesome snaps of your own – you’ll be the envy of your Instagram feed! BTW, it’s BYOSS - bring your own selfie stick. For more information, click here.

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