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Honor the Holiday with Local Brews of Distinction

This Saint Patrick’s Day, craft beer aficionados can unleash their inner leprechauns with ample tastings of the area’s own fine brews. SoCal has a thriving craft beer scene, with some of the most popular breweries in the country, only a few of which are listed here. Don’t miss the Congregation Ale House with its monastic setting, featuring wrought iron chandeliers and stained glass, along with servers in Catholic schoolgirl getups. Its aptly-named offerings include Dark of the Covenant and Passion of the Kolsh, and they continue the theme with Sunday brewpub bingo and some cool music with religious-themed titles.

Next, “ale-meisters” Jennifer and Alastair Boase welcome visitors to the MacLeod Ale Brewing Company. This Van Nuys location specializes in small-batch beers that are made with imported English grains, are cask conditioned, naturally carbonated only, and poured straight from these same casks at cellar temps. Also, check out Beachwood Brewing and BBQ for ribs and Belgian dark ale, the family-operated Smog City Brewing Company for Hoptonic IPA and the Make Out Session Pale Ale, the Arts District Brewing Company for their papaya-mango-infused Traction IPA, and the Eagle Rock Brewery for their free informative tours and flavorful brews.  

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