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Six Foodie Finds in the San Fernando Valley | Restaurants Near Airtel

The San Fernando Valley is known for its strip malls and "Valley Girl’s," but what it really has to offer is a low key vibe -- not found in Los Angeles -- with amazing food options. At the Airtel Plaza Hotel, we know all about first class cuisine. So, take a peek at our staff’s list of good eats right here in the Valley.

1. Go Mart - If you’re a local looking for good quality sushi, you know that Go’s is the go-to place. This place is always packed from the moment it opens at noon. This sushi bar, located in a Canoga Park mini-mall, may be tiny but the flavor packed into these rolls is anything but.

2. Brent’s - If the sushi wasn’t enough to fill your foodie cravings, head over to Brent’s for some authentic Jewish cuisine. About a twenty minute ride away in Northridge, you can order kishke (a Jewish meat dish) made from scratch.

3. Stovepiper - Once you’ve had your fill of matzo ball soup and challah bread, head next door to Stovepiper where they claim to have "the best drinks in the valley." This cocktail lounge offers a cool, relaxed atmosphere. Best part? Drink specials start at just two dollars.

4. Munch Box - If you are in the market for an authentic SoCal burger, look no further than Chatsworth’s Munch Box. The yellow building is hard to miss with its hutch like shape and a hickory burger with the works is only three bucks.

5. Carrillo’s Mexican Deli - Back in Canoga Park, on Sherman Way, you’ll find some of the best Mexican food you’ve ever tasted at Carrillo’s. This family run restaurant grinds their own field corn for handmade corn tortillas. Tip from the Airtel staff: try the George Lopez burrito.

6. Vallarta Supermarkets - For dessert, you can find one of these supermarkets at various locations across the valley and if you spot one, pop inside and buy some of their freshly baked tres leches cake.

We wish you happy foodie adventures and who knows, maybe you’ll end your foodie experience with the Airtel Plaza Hotel chef’s famous "Mama’s Garlic Bread."

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